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I answered Pat's question this week in the Newsletter and thought that it was important enough to share with everyone.  So! I've posted both question and answer below:

I have been a member for years and thank you for all the movies that you have filters for. I was wondering if I can send in some names of movies to you to ask for filters for them? If not I understand, but there are so many movies out there I would love to see.

Pat, NC —February 6, 2012

I love this question! We have a form on our website dedicated to accepting Filter requests. You can find that form HERE. There are a few things you should know about requests:

1) We can’t guarantee that we’ll make a Filter for the movie you request.
We get so many requests from our members that we just can’t guarantee it.

2) We might not send you a response to your request.
This is for the same reason as number 1. Rest assured however, that our website automatically tallies the requests by movie name.

3) We only count each request once per member.
This is built into our tally system. The best way to increase your requests for a particular movie is to get your friends involved. Have them request the movie too!

4) Some movies aren’t right for ClearPlay.
At ClearPlay we're proud of how well our Filter Team surgically edits every movie we release. However, the nature of some films makes it nearly impossible for our team to make it safe for you and your family. If we’re unhappy with the Filter for a movie, we might hold off on releasing it. We listen to our members and may re-evaluate any movie that is continually requested.
So in closing, if there is a movie you want Filtered the best way to let us know is through requests!

Ben - ClearPlay Insider

If you have any comments or questions you can post them below.  I'll try and answer them the best I can.