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Ryan Gosling stars as The Driver, an enigmatic (though seemingly nice) man who knows how to steer. He works as a stunt driver and does the occasional criminal job to make a buck, but when a robbery goes south and lowlifes threaten a woman and a boy he cares for, the gloves come off. And people die in nasty ways.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay’s checklist is pretty long for this one. Around 30 ‘F’ words are filtered along with other profanities. An entire strip club scene is removed. This movie features a number of grisly deaths and maimings. These are cut. The first half of this movie filters well. The second half will have some major gaps that require some sleuthing to figure out what’s going on. Pretty much any time there is a jump, someone has died in a horrible, horrible way.

Should I Take a Drive to Rent Drive?…

Critics, in general, liked this one; I wasn’t so thrilled. The movie is its strongest in the two scenes where The Driver is in the car being chased. The rest of the time, the movie seemed to alternate between weird conversational silences and horrific violence. Since ClearPlay cut out the horrific violence, the weird silences prevailed. I think that only those people (probably not ClearPlay users) who enjoy ultra-violence will be able to enjoy this movie as the director intended. Everyone else (which is pretty much everyone reading this) should steer clear.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Courteous, Safe Driver

Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence, language and some nudity.; 100 min; Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn
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