Family Movie Night Activity - The Smurfs

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“There Is A Place… Where Even Feeling Blue Is A Happy Thing!”

When the Smurfs are chased through a magic portal by their arch-nemesis Gargamel, they end up in New York City. They love the sights and make some great new friends, but they have to hurry and find a way back to the Enchanted Forest or they could be stuck there forever! Find out if the Smurfs can get away from Gargamel and get home safely and enjoy a Smurfalicious Movie Night!
Movie Snacks
*Clumsy Smurf is always bumping into people, especially when he’s in a hurry. He bumps into other Smurfs carrying pies and pizza. Save some from his clumsy ways by serving both kinds of pie to your family during movie night.
*Pay homage to the magical Blue Moon by serving up some Blue Moon Pancakes (just add a little food coloring or blueberry juice to your pancake batter. You could even top them off with Smurfberries (or blueberries.)
*Grouchy Smurf finds himself running through a candy buffet at FAO Schwarz. Set up your own blue candy buffet full of all your favorite sweet treats in the calssic Smurf color.

Must Pause Moments
*When the Smurfs are found by the Winslows, they give them quite a scare. They try to get rid of them in some crazy ways. Stop the movie for a bit and have your own “Invasion Of The Smurfs” Obstacle Course. Have stations where you have to knock something down with a toilet brush, then knock something else down with an umbrella, crawl on all fours like a dog, then hog tie a stuffed animal with yarn. Add in other fun feats from your other favorite parts of the movie, like a station where you have to blow a bubble like Clumsy did when he drank the soap.
*Smurfs get their names from their personalities. Stop the movie and decide together what each of your family members Smurf names would be.
*The Smurfs really need to find a Star Gazer to help then figure out how to get home. Use paper towel rolls and make some star gazers (telescopes) of your own. Be sure to decorate and personalize them.

Other Activities
*Dress up like your favorite Smurf. Most of them wear white pants and hats, but there are some that wear other colors and one even wears overalls.
*Make a batch of cupcakes or muffins and let your family members decorate them to look like Smurf mushroom huts.
*Create your own Blue Vortex from Smurf Village to New York (or from the Front Room to kitchen, or down the hallway) by hanging up blue plastic table cover or sparkly blue fabric all around the walls and ceiling in a swirling design.
*See if you and your family have what it takes to be Smurfs by picking up a second language for the evening. Speak Smurf with each other by adding in the word “Smurf” whenever you can.
*Make your own magic wand like Gargamel’s out of plastic forks wrapped with wire, ribbon, or even tape to make them look just like his.

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom Who’s Been Whistling The Smurf Theme Song For Days…

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