Family Movie Night Activity - Freaky Friday

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When The Fortune Comes True, Then You’ll Go Back!

Anna thinks her Mom, Tess, has a perfect life where nothing goes wrong, especially compared to her own where everyone is out to get her. Tess thinks Anna is self-centered and overly dramatic about everything. What would happen if they traded places and had to see life through the other person’s eyes? They’re about to find out! Grab this fun flick and have a Freaky Friday of your own… especially since this Friday is Friday The 13th!  Still trying to decide if this movie is right for you, check out the review here!

Movie Snacks
*Tess is trying to juggle wedding plans along with crazy clients of her own. She makes it quite clear that there will be no salmon at her wedding, only halibut! Serve up some halibut to your family and see if they like it as much as she does, or just pick your own favorite fish-dish.
*The family goes out for Chinese food and that’s when the fateful Fortune Cookies are served. Make or order Chinese food for your family for dinner and be sure to follow up with fortune cookies for everyone… a must have for this Movie Night.
*Once the switch has happened, Tess realizes that she can eat French fries without worrying about gaining weight for her wedding. Have French Fries at your Movie Night and enjoy some right along with her.

Must Pause Moments
*Anna plays the guitar in a band with her friends. Each time they play, have everyone get up and play their air guitars right along with her.
*Anna’s English teacher gives a pop quiz that Tess ends up having to take. Have a pop quiz of your own with questions about each different family member. Try to find out things you don’t already know about each other. 
*Jake comes to the house and sings “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.” Have a sing off and see who can do the best cover of the same song, or pick another from the movie, or just a family favorite and sing it loud! You could take it a step further and let each person go outside and serenade the rest of the family who is in the house. 

Other Activities
*When Anna gets to school someone else is wearing the same shirt as she is, and that won’t do at all. Wear your shirts inside out and turn Anna’s desperate act into a trend.
*Fortune Cookies are a huge part of this movie. Make your own fortune cookies or just write up some of your own fortunes to put inside of store bought fortune cookies. (You should be able to find them a little easier this time of year, since Chinese New Year is just a couple of weeks away.)
*This movie is based on a book and there’s another version of the movie that came out in the ‘70’s. Have a movie marathon and see which version you like better or make the book your choice for family reading and see which version you like best. Chances are you’ll like each one for different reasons and you’ll have had lots of fun experiencing the story a few different ways.

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom Who Doesn’t Want To Switch Places With Anyone!  

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