Captain America: The First Avenger

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Asthmatic Steve Rogers wants to join the army and serve his country in World War 2. His skeletal frame and poor health get him rejected time after time until a scientist impressed with his courage and heart selects him for a procedure that turns weakling Steve into a beefy super soldier. Thrust into the war, the newly minted Captain America battles to defeat the advanced technology and machinations of Hydra and its psychotic leader, Red Skull.

ClearPlay In Action!

No sex or nudity to worry about here. ClearPlay removes around twenty instances of lesser swear words, clips a few gun deaths, and trims an alleyway beating. The movie ClearPlays well and would be appropriate for younger teens and up.

Should I Salute This Captain?…

Hats off to Marvel for infusing this movie with an old comic book feel, lovingly bringing another lesser-known hero to the big screen. Especially fun is the retro faux–science and the nice art direction. While I didn’t find Captain America as compelling as Thor, among my friends who are superhero movie fans, it’s a toss–up as to which is better. Mostly, I appreciated that Steve is selected for superhero status because of his goodness and courage. This is another solid entry from Marvel Studios in preparation for next year’s Avengers movie.

Brian Fuller—Captain ClearPlay

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci–fi violence and action; 124 min; Directed By Joe Johnston
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