Sucker Punch

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Hmmm…. I may have been Sucker Punched just by watching this.

A young woman named Baby Doll (Emily Browning) is admitted into a mental asylum by her abusive stepfather. It is clear after she arrives this is no hospital it is a place where unwanted or unlucky girls are sent for an undesirable future. Inside she encounters other troubled girls and they are up against an uncaring staff led by, Blue (Oscar Isaac). As a coping mechanism she retreats to fantasy dreams where she comes up with a plan to escape with a few other inmates in an alternate reality which is filled with hope, strength and guns.

I’ll start off with a couple things I liked about this movie, the musical integration was great and the special effects and action scenes were well done. That might end the compliments I have for this movie but honestly, I am still a bit confused on how I really feel about it. It started off interesting in the first 10 minutes or so but then just got confusing. In the movie Inception I found myself totally confused but definitely wanting more and wondering where the movie was taking me, but with this I didn’t feel that captivated. Baby Doll is told she needs to have her own signature dance like the other girls do and this is when she transports herself into dreams. Baby Doll seemed to wear one expression on her face the whole time which was a pouty school girl look which apparently the director felt worked for every scene. The best performance in this movie is played by Oscar Isaac who mastered the creepiness of Blue. I think most people will either love or hate this movie, I didn’t hate it but I don’t think I would choose to watch it again if that helps.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay was able to filter language and a bloody fighting scene or two. The girls were dressed very skimpy and skin was being shown throughout the whole movie. There were two murders that were not seen but definitely implied. Even though the bloody parts were cut there are many fighting scenes involving guns and swords. It has a dark feel and deals with adult topics, I would not recommend for children under 16.

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