Family Movie Night Activity - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

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Rodrick ClearPlay Rules!
Having a big brother can be torture… at least that’s what Greg Heffley thinks about his brother Rodrick. Their parents think that spending more time together will eventually fix everything, but the boys are sure don‘t think so. Spend some time together with your family and enjoy these Family Movie Night Activities.

Movie Snacks
*At the school skate night, everyone has pizza for dinner. Slice up some pizza as well, just make sure that your piece hasn’t been sneezed on or sat on like Greg & Rowley’s were.
*If you decide not to have pizza, you should have floating corn dogs (Chirag’s coveted lunch that almost makes Rowley stop pretending he’s invisible).
*When Rowley comes to sleep over at Gerg’s house, Greg pulls out his stash of sleepover treats from a hidden bag. Serve your movie night candy and other treats from a back pack or duffle bag too.

Must Pause Moments
*Greg & Rowley want have a video go viral on the internet so they try to make one of a fake fall. Show off your silliest spill and vote on who’s trip would earn them a viral trip down the internet superhighway.
*Roderick & Greg have a serious race against time to clean up before their parents get home. Let your family race the clock and see if they can clean up their dinner and treat wrappers before the Heffley’s get home… or if they get busted instead!
*Mr. Heffley thinks he’s going crazy when the bathroom door knob is suddenly different. Pause the movie and test your own memory by having everyone list each door in the house, along with whether or not they have a lock on them. Have a prize or treat for whoever gets the most right.
*While Rodrick and his band play at the school talent show, Mrs. Heffley shows off some pretty crazy dance moves. Let your kids get their wiggles out by having them dance right along with her!

Other Activities
*Hold a Family Talent Show to show off everything your family can do. Can someone sing like Patty? Anyone know magic tricks like Rowley? You might be surprised what your kids can do and you might be able to surprise them with some fun skills of your own!
*This movie is based on the books Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Start your own Family Movie Night Diary to keep track of the fun activities you’ve done, meals that go well with movies, or things you might not what to do again. Use this as a place to keep memories as well as a place where kids can make movie & activity requests. (Be sure to let us here at ClearPlay know if your family has a movie they want activity suggestions for!)
*Looking for something to do beyond movie night? Take your kids to see one of their grandparents or Adopt-a-Grandparent at a local retirement home. While I can’t promise that your kids will run into their crush there but I know you could brighten the day of someone lonely.

*LyndiLou* ~ Movie Mom That Lucked Out & Likes Her Siblings!

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