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Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

A "love story" and murder mystery based on the most notorious unsolved murder case in New York history. Guilty! The movie is based on newly discovered facts, court records and speculation on this case that spans over 20 years. Guilty! I'm not sure how much I believe the love story part, do not be deceived by the tag lines and synopsises. Guilty! The love story part only lasts for about 15 minutes and then it turns into...not a love story.

 I'm actually impressed with this movie. Immediately after watching it I thought I hated it but after a few days to mull it over I have come to realize that it really was a well done film. I have no doubt at all in my mind who was guilty, why they were guilty and how they got away with being guilty. The crazy thing is, I never saw the crime happen. I just know.

Ryan Gosling is a fantastic actor. No, I was not won over by him from The Notebook, he reached great actor status in my book in Lars and the Real Girl. He's so matter of fact about his performances, there's no trickery or flare, he just does the part. Kirsten Dunst is sort of wishy washy for me, I like her in some things (Interview with a Vampire) and can't stand her in others (Bring it On). This was a pretty solid role for her and while I hated what her character put up with I liked her in the part.

If you like twisted stories and murder mysteries then I think you should give this one a whirl and let us know what you thought of it. I'd like to hear a few other opinions of it.

Motherly Advice: Although ClearPlay filters out some language, drug use, violence and sex this movie is still not appropriate for young audiences. David Marks witnessed his mother's suicide and this is talked about quite a bit and the domestic violence that happens, although not necessarily seen is evident if not just in Kirsten's bruised face then in Ryan's chilling demeanor.

Danielle'- "Only regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did." from All Good Things...Creepy!

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