Indiana Jones--Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Made the most money in 1981---30 years ago--this month!

Professor of archeology, Indiana Jones has a knack for finding "rare antiquities" then having them stolen away by a mercenary Frenchman named Beloch. Now he's been hired by the US Government to find and secure the lost Ark of the Covenant--believed to possess supernatural, invincibility powers. Trouble is, once again, it's taken from him by Beloch and a creepy pack of Nazis. Poison dates, machine guns, and a room full of deadly snakes are just a few of Indy's obstacles--not to mention the wrath of God. Yikes.

I've seen and loved Raiders at least a dozen times over the years and still I duck at the blow-darts, shiver at the writhing asps and hide my face at the melting guy getting his comeuppance at the end. This movie is more of a nail biting thrill ride than a simple action film and has rightly earned the title of "Greatest Adventure Movie of All Time." Amen.

Motherly Advice: ClearPlay can help with some of the more gory scenes of violent death and/or uncomfortable amounts of blood. But be warned--there is no way that any filter will be able to make Raiders of the Lost Ark a good movie choice for the sensitive heart or the very young. With the filter in place it should be an adrenaline filled evening for preteens and up.

Launi --Happy 30th Birthday Indiana Jones!

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"Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time."

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