Another Year

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At Least The 129 Mins. Felt Like a Year

A glimpse into the life of a couple who has been happily married for many, many years and who have many, many sad and strange friends over to dinner. Basically, yes that's it, and that's not even in a nutshell that's just it.

I'm 98% certain I missed the point of this film. There are people and reviewers out there who loved it and proclaim the beauty of it's honesty from the very rooftops of the luny bins where they reside.
 I didn't grasp the beauty, I grasped the mundanity and pointlessness of it. This entire movie is about watching this couple entertain their strange and depressed friends. While I enjoyed watching the happy and loving relationship of the main couple I kept expecting there to be point or some kind of life lesson I could scrape off the bottom of this pan of a movie. Am I wrong to assume that when a film maker makes a film he/she has some kind of end result in mind for it? Apparently I am. Movie makers can indeed make a movie just because they feel like it.  

Motherly Advice: If you want to punish your children, by all means this movie will do the trick. Tape their eyelids open and tie them to the couch in front of this movie and they'll never talk back again. With this filtered they'll be spared some language but will also see quite a bit of wine and beer drinking with one very tipsy character and some smoking and cleavage. I'd put this movie suitable for disciplinary purposes of 15 and up.

Danielle'- Another Reviewer

P.S. If you loved this movie, by all means tell me WHY!
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