Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - TRON

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Get Your Game On!

Kevin Flynn is trapped in a digital world and his son Sam is has come to try and get him out. He must take on the perils of a video game gone wrong all while racing the clock and trying to get out. Grab your kids, let them grab their friends and enjoy the first edition of Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activities.

Wear While Watching:
*Make your own glowing grid clothing. This could be as simple as having everyone wear glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces throughout the show, or as intense as creating detailed outfits matching your favorite characters. Use masking tape or duct tape to out line your Grid Suit.
*Create and wear a disc of your own by attaching a Frisbee or paper plate onto your back.

Home Theater D├ęcor
*Use masking tape or duct tape, outline paths, seats and other areas of your home to make it look like you’re watching the movie in The Grid.
*Switch out your regular light bulbs for blacklight bulbs to really give your outfits and decorations a chance to shine.

Movie Munchies
*If you want to eat like they do in the movies, serve up garden fresh vegetables and blue punch (I think blue Kool-aid would be just the right color.)
*If you need something sweet, why not make Disc sugar cookies or a whole grid out of graham crackers. Be sure to use bright icing and outline everything.

Movie Inspired Adventures
*Hold a movie marathon; watch the original Tron movie and then watch Tron: Legacy.
*Wish you could ride a light bike like Sam does? Why not spend some time racing around a go-cart track or ride bikes to fill that need for speed.
*Sticking to the glowing theme, why not enjoy a game of blacklight volley ball or miniature golf. You could also play Frisbee or Frisbee football or golf with your “dics”.
*The perfect place to get inspired for Tron is to get your game on at the local arcade, just be sure to tell someone that’s where you’re going, in case you don’t make it back.

*LyndiLou* Movie Mom, 80’s Child and Slightly Geeky Gamer

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