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MARVEL Has Done It Again!
Mythological hero THOR (Chris Hemsworth) is the God of Thunder and has just been banished from his father’s realm, Asgard. Why you may ask, did this happen? From a very young age, THOR has thrived from the rush of battle. He’s as strong as a bull and isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. After blatantly disregarding his father’s orders he’s exiled to earth where upon arrival he meets the beautiful scientist, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). While on earth THOR will learn some valuable lessons that will help him be a better King, unless his brother Loki(Tom Hiddleston) claims the throne first, making THOR’s banishment to earth last….forever!

Growing up, I was never much of a comic book reader but my husband certainly was so when he gets all excited for the upcoming Marvel Super Hero films to release, it tends to rub off on me. AND, I’m very happy to report that this Marvel film met, and probably for some, exceeded it’s most recent predecessors Iron Man, and The Dark Knight! I don’t know where they picked up Chris Hemsworth but he is someone that I’ll keep my eyes open for, because he is amazing as the ultra brave and *eh-hem* muscly hero. Anthony Hopkins also put on a strong performance as the oh-so-wise father/mentor who has to do some very difficult things to his THOR in order to teach him important life lessons. Next, Natalie Portman, whose performance was strong but it must be said, (and this is my only negative mark) that her script was a huge let down. I think her lines could have/should have been much stronger because she ended up being completely out-shined by her love interest Chris Hemsworth! THOR was awesome in about a thousand different ways but my favorite way was the comic relief. And there’s really one actor to thank for this wonderful surprise, Kat Dennings who played a co-worker of Natalie’s. She IS the comic relief in THOR! I found myself hanging on her every word as her lines were delivered with perfection making me and the entire audience laugh out loud, numerous times!

As we are on the brink of summertime, "The Season of Action Hero Blockbuster films", I would highly recommend that you take some time out for this fun family action/thriller adventure THOR, you will NOT go home disappointed!

Motherly Advice: THOR is rated PG-13 and I strongly agree with this recommendation because of the many action scenes. It’s not that you see a whole lot of actual bloodshed but you will see a lot of battle scenes. Swords, guns, fist fights, giant iron man that shoots lava hot streams of fire. Yep, lots of violence. But you won’t have to worry about any revealing clothing, sex scenes, or even make-out scenes. Just a couple kissing scenes that were actually quite tasteful!

Trisha~ *Bones Feature*- Sit through the credits for a glimpse of the 2012 Marvel Blockbuster: The Avengers!

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