Skipped Flicks- The Sandlot

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A Movie to Keep in the Family...For-EVER!

Baseball season has started and school is almost out for the summer. To celebrate, our family gathered for movie night with The Sandlot. I hadn't seen it since it came out in '93 and my kids had never seen it. It is now an official classic in our house. From Ham's instruction on how to make a s'more, "First, you take the graham," and the scene where they all get sick on the Trabant ride to the classic expressions on the boys' faces every time Smalls says something baseball-ignorant, this movie is the epitome of boyhood and summer. Watch these nine boys battle the heat, baseball and The Beast, Hercules this weekend for some great family memories and a brush up on good one liners.

Motherly Advice: Language is the main thing ClearPlay works to clean up with this movie. Boys tend to have potty mouths I guess.  I'd give this one a thumbs up for kids maybe 8 and older.

Danielle'- "You're killing me Smalls!"

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