The Green Hornet

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Britt Reid, son of a rich newspaper man, lives a life full of parties and fun until his father dies. Taking a look at his life, he realizes he hasn’t accomplished anything and joins forces with ultra–genius garage tech, Kato, to clean up the town while acting like bad guys. Their actions get the attention of a local arch criminal and start a turf war as "good masquerading as evil" battles "evil that is actually evil".

ClearPlay In Action!

There’s plenty for ClearPlay to tackle in this PG–13 rated film, including numerous instances of crude and foul language, some immodesty, and a few violent deaths. With ClearPlay, The Green Hornet would be appropriate for older teens and up.

Should I Give this Hornet a Green Light?…

This superhero movie has a serious problem: the sidekick is more likeable and oodles more heroic than the main character. And the funny bits aren’t that funny. And the love interest never falls in love with anyone. Seth Rogen plays The Green Hornet and comes across as a comic buffoon, while Kato, the sidekick, does everything that is actually superheroic and cool. There are some fun set pieces and a few funny parts, but The Green Hornet didn’t satisfy this superhero movie loving reviewer.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Masked Vigilante

Rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content.; 119 min; Directed By Michel Gondry
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