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It's a fact: Kids go in and out of phases about as quickly as they grow out of their pants. Unfortunately (although at the time it certainly seems relieving) one of those lost phases is the ever curious Question Asking phase.
"Why is the sky blue?"
"What's in air?"
"If a giant drank hot lava would he burn his tongue?" (That is an actual question I was asked by my five year old last week.)
One day they're asking you questions you have to slyly make up answers to and the next you can't get two syllables out of them describing what their Cheerios taste like! Let's face it, communication with kids can get tricky the older they get and this technological age has really stunted this already difficult art. A lot of times it's hard to unplug and tune in with our kids.

Well, as always, ClearPlay has an answer for that and it uses this before-mentioned technology. A new App for your fancy shmancy phones!
It's called Ask Mom and is an App designed for kids and their Moms with 100 questions kids want answers to and Mom's want to answer. You can get this for both your


Now let the Communication begin!! Try the App out and leave us a comment here letting us know how it went, what your favorite question was and what your kids' favorite question was.

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