Blue Valentine

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Judge This Movie By It's Title

I'm all for movies that show us how life really is and a movie that doesn't 'Hollywoodize' everything is usually refreshing, but yikes! I got a major dose of the real world here that I wasn't quite prepared for! This is a film that follows the evolution of one relationship through the years by jumping from 'now' to 'then' for a side-by-side view of how romance changes and marriages corrode. It's definitely a Blue film.
Performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were excellent. I completely bought into their stagnant marital life while also buying into their fluttery 'in-love' phase at the same time. Their were moments here that made me want to cry and moments where I found myself smiling. Maybe it was because of those lost smiling parts that made me want to cry when they were gone. The great thing about the marital corrosion part (if there can be a great thing) is that I really couldn't pick a side.
 One person was not completely at fault. Once I started to pick a side I was able to argue the other quite convincingly. The movie was well made and interesting but also a complete downer. I hate to see a couple accept defeat in a marriage that had such potential, but it happens.

Maybe I'm saying something superficial about myself but I preferred (500) Days of Summer about the evolution and lose of love to Blue Valentine. I know you can't really compare the two because one is sunny and quirky while the other is real and cloudy. Or maybe I just shouldn't have watched it during the day while folding laundry, everything seems sort of dismal with a mountain of wrinkled, un-sorted clothes in front of you.

Motherly Advice: I don't think this one is for kids or teens. Even with filters it deals with implied premarital sex, dysfunctional relationships, arguing and Ryan Gosling's character is a chain smoker. If you like a movie about real life as it evolves over the years then I think you'll appreciate this slow, blue movie.

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