TRON: Legacy

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Kevin Flynn, computer genius, disappears on the brink of his most amazing discovery, leaving his young son, Sam, wondering why his Dad abandoned him. Years later, a mysterious page (remember those?) takes Sam to his Dad’s old arcade and then into the Grid, a computerized world his Dad created. The Grid has turned against its creator, but the father and son duo create a plan to escape back to the real world.

ClearPlay In Action!

Tron: Legacy is easy on the player and fairly family friendly. Just a few minor swear words are removed. The violence primarily consists of digital creations dissolving into splashy digital bits, which most, I think, won’t find disturbing. With ClearPlay, Tron: Legacy would be appropriate for everyone.

To Tron or not to Tron?…

Tron, which rhymes with yawn and long, disappointed me. The visuals are certainly better than the original, but the film lacks momentum and human drama. The romance isn’t romantic, the action isn’t frantic, and the father and son reuniting story is about as moving as a login screen. Sam’s dialogue consists mostly of clich├ęd one liners, and Kevin tacking “man” onto the end of all his sentences gets old fast. Fans of the original Tron will want to check this show out, but others may find little to enjoy in this empty digital world.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Program

Rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.; 125 min; Directed By Joseph Kosinski
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