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 de Jeneric

What happens when Blu, the blue macaw, travels from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro in order to meet Jewel, the last female blue macaw? Well since Blu has spent his entire life as a nerdy, pampered pet bird you can bet your bird seed that there's going to be adventure, music and a whole lot of Samba.

From the first scene to the last I felt like a recording of Molt on A Bug's Life when he sees Gypsy, "Ooo, pretty!" Seriously, the colors were so beautiful! In general, this movie was just another fun, animated movie about talking animals, but the animation truly was superb. I kept staring at the bird's beaks as they were talking, wondering how on earth they could get a bird beak to actually look sort of like a pair of lips speaking (and not be ridiculous). Although the ridiculousness set in once they made those lip-looking beaks actually kiss each other. Weird.
The music was super fun with musical and vocal talents like Jamie Fox and Will.I.Am. The dancing went with the fun music but please refer to the Motherly Advice section for details on that.

Anyway, my kids loved the movie, or course, but I wont be running to Walmart the second it comes out on dvd, I can wait to buy it cheaper on Amazon.

Motherly Advice: Part of the reason I wasn't thrilled with this movie is due to the barely there costuming. Since the movie takes place in Rio during the crazy celebration of Carnival (where apparently everyone runs around wearing sparkly leotards and bikinis) there is a whole lot 'o rockin', rollin' and shakin' goin' on! If you don't mind the booty shakin' of men, women and dogs then your fine. However, I would still suggest that you wait to rent this one with a filter safely in place. There is one scene in particular that I felt was completely inappropriate for a G rated movie. When Linda (Blu's owner) comes out during carnival wearing simply a blue sequins bikini and bird wings, we see Tulio (the love interest) staring at her with slow motioned love and adoration smeared across his face as he scopes her out from toe to head. I don't know, I was pretty annoyed that my young son and daughter were getting an 'on screen lesson' about how people should 'fall in love'. We wont watch it again without a filter.

Danielle'- ClearPlay Samba Instructor
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