Rabbit Hole

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Not a hole that anyone would ever choose to go down!

Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart) along with their son Danny are the perfect family. But their happiness slips through their fingers when Danny runs out into the street chasing their dog and is hit by a car, dying instantly. As both Becca and Howie ebb and flow through the difficult grieving process, they will choose difficult paths, and different “Rabbit Holes” to go down, both pulling away from the other. Will they allow the death of their sweet son to destroy the perfect marriage? In this heart wrenching drama, you’ll want to find out how this young, thriving couple copes when their world is turned inside out and upside down by a tragedy that no one ever hopes will happen to them!

Death. Not something that I love to see when I’m escaping into the world of a movie. However, Rabbit Hole was a movie that I was willing to endure the tears in order to see two of my favorite actors perform. And boy did they perform!! The type of acting that both Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart stage for us is in two words: raw brilliance. You see them both stripped of all frivolities until all that is left is a production that feels like real life, real people, experiencing real tragedy. Both Eckhart and Kidman deserve huge accolades for their roles in Rabbit Hole!

Another element of intrigue is that this film isn’t the type of tragic story that you see the couple living the perfect life and then most of the movie focuses on the actual accident. No, Rabbit Hole focuses on the grieving parents, months after the accident. How they spend every minute of every day going over how “if” they hadn’t done this or “if” they hadn’t done that, then maybe they could have prevented the accident. Thus the namesake of the movie, Rabbit Hole. I think this is a realistic part of grieving, and I love the way that the movie portrays this.

Rabbit Hole IS a sad movie but it takes on this musical rhythm that though I was choked up for a good portion of the film, I felt like I was being rocked in the safety of my mother’s arms. It’s a calm and pensive movie that invokes the idea that life may dish us out more than what we can take, but that as time moves forward the pain lessens and we eventually just start living and feeling again.
Motherly Advice: With my filters set on medium I was spared a whole bunch of religious expletives and 1 “f” word. You will however see some drugs being abused, namely pot. Not any sexual content, although a couple of scenes seemed to be heading in that direction and had me on edge but they were diffused…phew! I wouldn’t recommend Rabbit Hole for even younger teens because the theme throughout the movie is death and coping. I would say this would be a film for ages 16 and up.

Trisha~ President and Founder of the “Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman deserve awards for their performances in Rabbit Hole” fan club.

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