Morning Glory

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What’s the story? Morning Glory follows high–energy TV producer Becky Fuller (played by Rachel McAdams) as she gets a new job with a fourth-tier network’s morning show. Her challenge is to improve the show’s sagging ratings, and her first strategy is to hire the perfect anchor to complement the show’s current star Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). She finds her man, Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), a curmudgeonly award-winning newscaster who abhors the soft–news style of morning television. The ensuing train wreck threatens to sink the show unless Fuller can find a way to blend the show’s warring personalities.

ClearPlay In Action!

Morning Glory was originally rated PG-13 for “some sexual content including dialogue, language and brief drug references.” ClearPlay edits scenes of an implied sexual relationship with partial nudity, including frank dialogue, and approximately 80 instances of profanity. The ClearPlayed version is fine for most members of the family.

Should mine eyes see the Glory?…

Morning Glory isn’t always believable, nor are some of the plot twists credible. But the main characters are generally likable, and the themes of creativity, hard work and redemption tend to outweigh the underlying message that America has been dumbed down by “infotainment.” Overall, it’s an appealing story.

Marty Nabhan— ClearPlay Correspondent
Rated PG-13 for some sexual content including dialogue, language and brief drug references.;107 min; Directed By Roger Michell
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