Family Movie Night Activity-Megamind

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Megamind and Metro Man have been arch-enemies since they were little, but what’s an Evil Genius to do when he finally defeats his biggest rival? Megamind’s plan to keep himself entertained sounds good but he might not have thought of everything. Defeat boredom by watching Megamind and enjoying these Family Movie Night Activities.

Movie Snacks
*Make lots of popcorn (or pop-ed corn as Megamind calls it), just like Metro Man serves up for the whole class.
*For Dinner make a Megamind Meal. Serve macaroni with Alfredo sauce, dyed blue, for instant Megamind Macaroni or get really fancy and cook up some Filet Minion. Remember the Space Dad Salad with Roxanne Ranch Dressing, Bernard Bread-sticks, and Hal-apeno Poppers or Titan Tater Tots. To top it all off, have some Chocolate Metro Man Mousse for dessert… or just come up with your own Super Hero Supper and be sure to tell us ALL about it.
*Minion is always grabbing treats like doughnuts and churros for Megamind. These would be another great movie treat for you and your family.

Must Pause Moments
*Pause the movie just after Megamind introduces himself and Metro Man and each of you choose a hero or villain name. Introduce yourself to your family and be sure to only call each other by your alias for the rest of the night.
*When Megamind takes over Metro City he goes on an evil shopping spree because “no one can stop him.” Stop the movie and ask everyone if they got to go on a Good Guy Shopping Spree, what would be on their Shopping List.
*Bernard mentions that he was doing some Formal Speed Walking to get to Megamind's secret lair so fast. Stop the movie and grab a suit coat or tie and see who can Speed Walk like Bernard around the room the fastest.

Other Activities
*Megamind has a number of different evil capes and Metro Man has a few too. Don your best cape, good or bad, and watch the movie in style.
*Megamind maps out his plans using notes hanging from his ceiling. Use post-it notes and note cards to create secret messages for each other. Hang them from the ceiling or spread them out on the floor and see if you can understand each others cryptic messages.
*Metro Man went to the library to help him clear his head when he was feeling down. Get a piece of paper and fold in quarters and make your own books. You could write a self-help book for Metro Man or write an adventure story about Megamind.

*LyndiLou* ~ As Long As There’s Family Movie Night, Good Films Will Rise Up

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