The Adjustment Bureau

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Not Just Another Bourne Film!

David Norris (Matt Damon) is a young, thriving congressman running for the U.S. Senate. But just as they always do, rumors surface and he loses the election by mere numbers. Just before closing statements Norris meats the woman of his dreams, Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) and during the next few years, they will try as they might to be together, but will not succeed. It would seem that some mysterious men who call themselves The Adjustment Bureau have other plans for David and a relationship with Elise is forbidden…..or else. Norris learns that maybe fate doesn’t exist and maybe everything that happens to us is merely part of someone else’s big plan.

Hold on to your seats ladies, though the previews make The Adjustment Bureau out to be an action thriller, do not be mislead, this is a Matt Damon chic-flic...
 Yes I said it, The Adjustment Bureau, is at the heart of it all, a very sweet and thought provoking love story. I can’t tell you how many mixed emotions I experienced while watching this film. At first I had geared myself up to see an action thriller with a touch of romance. But about half way into it, I realized and was pleasantly surprised that The Adjustment Bureau is more of a romance with a touch of action thrill thrown in. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have ammmmaaazzzing on-screen chemistry. And I mean amazing, I physically hurt as they were repeatedly separated by “un-known” causes. But don’t be afraid to drag the men in your life along, because you’ll still see plenty of the “Bourne” Matt Damon that we all know and love. Lots of running scenes, fight scenes, etc. etc. But Damon shows a sensitivity that was not only endearing but hugely believable. Some of the movie does touch on a “higher power” leading our lives and stepping in even when we don’t want it to and this was the only part that got a little confusing because I wasn’t sure if the film was trying to put a religious twist in the mix? The Adjustment Bureau will provoke thoughts about fate and destiny and whether we are really in charge of the lives we lead. But just be prepared that in my opinion, this was NOT an action thriller, but more of a drama action…a draction. Showing one of Damon’s more refined sides, and believe me, I dug it!

Motherly Advice: Since this movie is still in theatres I couldn’t use my wonderful Clearplayer to filter out the “unwanted” from The Adjustment Bureau so here are the things to take note of. There are 2 ‘F’ words and a handful of other colorful expletives. One sex scene where you don’t see any body parts but you clearly know what is going on, and it does last for a few minutes. Beyond that there are a few make-out scenes but these were actually done quite tastefully. Some alcohol and smoking were present as well. Even though it’s rating is PG-13, I’d recommend this film for ages 15 and up because there are a lot of really tense scenes that might not be appropriate for the younger teens.

Trisha~Recently decided that my favorite type of movies are Dractions!

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