Grown Ups

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….a movie for JUST Grown Ups

Thirty years after five young friends win their basketball tournament they are notified that their coach has passed away. The funeral will be quite an adventure as all five guys come together…and bring along their families. Lenny (Adam Sandler) who is a successful Hollywood agent rents out a huge resort home where all five families will spend the weekend. They will reminisce things of the past, mourn over things as of current, and by the end of the weekend they will hope for things of the future as they discover what they really want out of life.

Unlike most of my reviews, this one will be short and sweet. Grown Ups is for 10 year old boys who love “potty-humor” except you wouldn’t even want them to watch it because it’s way too vulgar. Every other scene had some sexual innuendo and that’s if you had your Clear Play settings on medium. Most of the movie consisted of all five guys sitting around cracking jokes at each other. At one point my husband and I decided that it sounded like it was unscripted, just grown men ripping on one another. Not something I want my kids to learn.

Grown Ups had one redeeming quality. Throughout the movie you do see a moral story take place in the form of Lenny’s kids who are uber-spoiled and unappreciative. Lenny wants them to enjoy the outdoors and get along with each other and have respect for those around them and by the end of the weekend…well if you really want to know you should watch to find out. OR maybe you should use your rental money on a movie that you might actually enjoy and not regret the two hours that you’ll never get back had you watched Grown Ups.

Motherly Advice: I had my filters set on medium and I still saw way more than what I would have wanted my kids to see. But if your filters are on high you’d miss half the movie because of how many sexual innuendos, sexual jokes, blasphemy, swear words, revealing clothing, inappropriate conversation, etc. etc. For instance, one scene showed a woman wearing daisy-dukes and washing her car in a clearly inappropriate way, and it seriously lasted 5 minutes long, suffice it to say, I ended up fast forwarding! Which is why my opinion would be to skip this one all together. But if you must, Grown Ups is appropriate for just that, Grown Ups, ages 18 and up.

Trish~ Wishing Adam Sandler would do another movie as brilliant as Spanglish!

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