Family Movie Night Activity-Ponyo

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Maybe I Might Love You, Family Movie Night

Ponyo is a magic little fish who would rather be a little girl, even if that means she won't get to use her magic anymore. She becomes such good friends with Sosuke that she can only think about being a human. Enjoy this beautiful, Little Mermaid-ish movie with your family while you also enjoy these fun Family Movie Night Activities. Haven't ever heard of Ponyo? Not sure it's for you? Read the review here first!

Movie Snacks: * As Sosuke and his Mom are running late they eat ham sandwiches in the car. Ponyo LOVES ham! Serve ham sandwiches or your favorite ham dish for dinner.
* Sosuke gets very sad when Ponyo is gone. His Mom gets him an ice cream cone. Have ice cream cones for dessert after your dinner.
* Lisa makes Ponyo and Sosuke noodles for dinner. You could easily make some ramen noodles to nibble on while you watch Ponyo try them for the first time.
* There are a lot of different ocean animals in this movie. A cute and simple dessert or party treat is to make cupcakes then decorate them with blue icing like water. Use Swedish Fish and gummy sea creatures as a topping for the cupcakes.

Must Pause Moments:
* When Sosuke is having his friends at the Senior Center guess what he has in his green bucket, stop the movie and play your own game of What's In The Bucket. Take turns hiding something in a bucket and giving hints until someone can guess what you have inside.
* Sosuke and his Dad signal each other with lights. You and your family could come up with your own light signals, or learn some real letters with Morris Code, then try them out with flash lights.
* Ponyo uses up all her magic and turns back into a fish and Sosuke has to carry her in his bucket again. Help him by playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey but try and get Ponyo into the green bucket.

Other Activities:
* When Sosuke first finds Ponyo, she's stuck in a jar. Wash out a jar of your own and decorate it with paper or paint to look like Ponyo is in it. Use your Ponyo jar as a bank to save up for a pet fish, a trip to the aquarium or even the beach.
* Fujimoto doesn't think humans take very good care of the earth, especially since the ocean is filled with garbage. Head to a nearby lake, stream, park or beach and do your part to prove him wrong. Take a few garbage bags and spend time cleaning up. If possible, sort your findings according to trash and recycling.
* Sosuke gives his friends at the Senior Center origami (folded paper) boat and fish. Let each person try to make their own origami creation by searching online for patterns or checking out a book about it from the library.

*LyndiLou*-Ponyo Fan Club President

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