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A Slice of Weird

Clive Nicoli (Adrien Brody) and Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) are brilliant scientists responsible for successfully splicing together multiple organisms to create new creatures with many perceived medical benefits. However, they really hate to have to stop there just because they've lost funding and support. This married couple decides to secretly continue their work and to include in the splicing technique a little bit of human DNA. What will this create? Who will this create? What will happen after it's grown up? And how traumatized will you be after seeing it?

I sat on my couch with eyes riveted to the screen the whole 104 minutes (well less than that since much of it was filtered) of this film. It was horrible, in a freakishly, fascinating way. My husband kept leaving the room as if he was going to give up on it, but he kept coming back like he couldn't leave it alone (which I appreciated since I didn't want to be left alone watching it). I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning thinking that this might be a movie with an agenda either for or against creating life for medical purposes. However, I think they 'tidily' steered clear of one side or the other with a simple warning that it's not a decision to be taken lightly. The plot was simply a 'What might happen if..."
If you like sci-fi (X-Files style) with a bit of freaky horror mixed in there then this movie is for you. If you like sci-fi (Star Trek style) with tense moments and some laughs sprinkled around then rent Star Trek. I think true sci-fi fans will like this movie, but I'm not one so I can't say for sure.

Motherly Advice: Our 'Disturbing' filter was set to most and boy am I grateful for that! Our Sex filter was set to Most and a big double thanks for that too! Even with that though there was much that was very obviously implied and in a very strange and disturbingly immoral way. Many 'F' words are cut out and plenty of other foul language. The creatures that are created are disturbing in and of themselves and the things that they do (both violent and sexual) are as well. Due to the subject matter, implied scenes, scary/tense/terrifying factor I don't think this movie is appropriate for anyone under 18 and a mature 18 at that.

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