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Had any good dreams lately? In the future, we can share dreams and even create dreams for others. While impressive, this technology can also be used to steal ideas and shape emotions. Cobb, a dream architect, is wrongfully accused of killing his wife and is in hiding. A powerful businessman offers him a deal: if Cobb and his team can use dream invasion make a competitor break up his business, then Cobb’s record will be clean and he can return home.

ClearPlay In Action!

ClearPlay removes some language from the film, including an S word and several religious exclamations. There are gun battles and some of the more visceral hits are removed. There is no sex or nudity to speak of. The themes are mature and the plot complex, so I recommend this for teens and up.

Will I Like this Film from its Inception?…

Director Christopher Nolan continues to impress. Inception is his original idea dressed up in a heist film. The ideas and rules of the story world are complex and intriguing, and he masterfully walks us through how dreams and dream sharing work so we can understand as the plot kicks into high gear. While long (2. 5 hours), it is one of the year’s most unique and mind bending films. Highly recommended unless you struggle to understand pop-tart instructions, in which case this film will be over your head.

Brian Fuller— ClearPlay Architect
Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action throughout.; 148 min; Directed By Christopher Nolan
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