Family Movie Night Activity-How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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Maybe Family Movie Night Means a Little Bit More...

Cindy Lou Who knows that the Grinch hates Christmas but she wants to know why. As she tries to help the Grinch and discover the real meaning of Christmas, the crazy old Grinch tries to ruin every part of Christmas he can. Find out who succeeds with their plans and how they can change things in Whoville for good with this Family Movie Night Activity.

Movie Snacks:* The Grinch eats things from the garbage, like old fruit and onions. You could serve up good fruit and vegetables, or even onion rings, to munch on rather than garbage.
* The baby Grinch eats the Santa plate instead of the cookies on it. You can make and eat up all the Christmas cookies, since he won't. Make a couple varieties so everyone has their favorite!
* The Grinch has to try all the different flavors of Who-Pudding, fruit cake, and fudge. Make some of your own, then let each family member add a special ingredient or two so you can take turns guessing what was added.
* The Grinch gets to carve the Roast Beast at the end of the movie. Enjoy your own 'Roast Beast' or just pick up a few 'Roast Beast' sandwiches before the movie starts.

Must Pause Moments:
* When the Grinch wraps up Cindy Lou like a gift, take a minute to wrap a few presents yourself. You could make it a contest even. Grab a few boxes of similar shapes and sizes and see who can wrap theirs the fastest!
* Cindy Lou visits some older ladies in town to find out more about the Grinch. She records the interview and you could too. Get a tape recorder or video camera and take turns 'interviewing' each other about Christmas traditions and other favorite holiday experiences.
* When all teh Whos join hands and sing, stop the movie and join hands with your family and sing a verse or two of your favorite Christmas song.

Other Activities:
* The Who's have some really crazy hair styles and outfits. Get dressed up in your crazy Christmas outfits and do your hair up in bows, curls and braids so you can look like a Who yourself.
* Make a Santa plate of you own...just don't let anyone eat it instead of the cookies. Decorate a paper plate with cutouts and stickers or even get ceramic plates and paint them or decorate them with vinyl.
* The Grinch undergoes a drastic change in this movie. Have each family member draw before and after pictures of the Grinch so you can see the results from every one's perspective. Remember to include the different sizes of his heart.

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