Tristan and Isolde

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A Stress-Filled Kind of Romance

If you like action, you'll like this movie. However, you might get more kinds of 'action' than you were bargaining for. The fighting action was pretty amazing, I have to say. James Franco was fast, agile and completely believable in his fight sequences. I'm not huge into the fist fighting, sword fighting war scenes, but I can certainly appreciate a really well choreographed fight scene. It's all about the quality not quantity for me and this movie had 'quality' fighting action. Now about the other kind of 'action'?

There was so much implied marital, premarital, extra marital sex in this movie it was nearly comical. Unfortunately, there isn't anything comical about that so it was just uncomfortable. But I suppose when that is the premise of the entire movie it's to be expected.

Tristan (James Franco) is an adopted prince and second in line for the throne of Britain. Isolde (Sophia Myles) is the rival Irish princess who has just been married to Tristan's King and father figure. Tristan and Isolde were in love before Isolde ever met the Britain King. So what does this spell? Doom! Heartbreak! Disloyalty! Guilt! Lots of 'love scenes'. The entire movie was stressful. Everyone was making bad decisions left and right and we were just waiting for everything to explode badly. And they did. Badly. Not to mention you felt so bad for the King of Britain because he was a really good guy who wanted to make everyone happy. It was very King Arthur/Guinever/Lancelotesque.

Motherly Advice: We watched this one with medium filters but I'd suggest you set them at high to avoid all of the 'love scenes'. However, they will still be implied and very obvious. Combine that with the fact that more than half of those scenes are adulterous in nature this movie is one for 18 and older. The fighting was fairly mild on the gory-meter, as far as fighting goes and the language was mild too.

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