Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Where Are The Robes?
I admit it. I have not read the Harry Potter books. So, I was surprised and disappointed to find out that in this seventh movie there is no Hogwarts, no Dumbledor, no Neville, no McGonogall and no Quidditch matches. I mean truly, what is a Harry Potter movie without awesome school uniform robes with hoods? I suppose we had to move on at some point, after all, this is the seventh movie. It was still dark and wizardly with cool creatures and evil things causing trouble and plenty of wand waving action. Even though there was a lot of wandering around looking for the Horcruxes and running away from bad guys...
it still completely held my attention and I was thoroughly entertained. Was this the best Harry Potter movie yet? Not really. But it was still really good.

In this first installment of the last book of the series Harry Potter we follow Hermione, Harry and Ron as they search for the last Horcruxes and hide from the ever-searching eyes of the Ministry of Magic. It sounds like a simple plot I know. But J.K. Rowling is a superb story teller and director David Yates knows how to set up a scene with dark magic.

Motherly Advice: As with all the Harry Potter movies this one has action,suspense, intrigue and some scary characters that could really freak out younger audiences. 'You Know Who', kills a woman in front of his council members and then feeds her to his snake, while this part is not graphic it still makes you squrim. The woman's previous torture is also very evident. As is different from some other Harry Potter movies; more innuendo and 'sexual' humor/topics. At the beginning there is a scene where everyone has turned themselves into Harry and one of these people is a girl and as 'she' changes we see her (but she looks like Harry) in her/his lacy bra as she changes her clothes (but again she looks like Harry). Towards the end of the movie Ron is having a hallucination in which he envisions Hermione and Harry making out...topless. Very topless. It's a side shot so it's not too graphic but it's enough that I'm going to say this movie is not appropriate for audiences under 16. But that's just me. A filter will easily flick that little scene out when it comes on dvd.

Danielle'- I Gotta Get A Bag Like Hermione's

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