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Boys Will Be Boys...

Ok. Ok. True confession time.
I've never seen...Goonies.
Until tonight that is.

There now. Somehow I feel better having said that. I will, however, tell you that my now grown kids have been talking and laughing about this movie for the past 25 years and yet mysteriously, it never made it into my living room. No we've never rented Goonies because if it was ever suggested, one of the kids always said, "Already seen it." And no, our family never owned the video of Goonies either, but apparently every single other family in the entire universe did. To hear my kids tell it, Goonies was the movie of choice for sleepovers nation-wide for a good 5 year period of their childhood...well, except at our house. We played games and...dare I stories.
We must have been total losers.
At any rate this silly little movie was just descent enough that parents around the world let it slide into their kids' movie selections and just naughty enough for kids to laugh their heads off at it. Personally, I guess that was never good enough for me so it never made it home. It sounded like it was jut one more potty-mouthed Jr. High flick that we opted out of. I mean, heck, they were going to see it every other weekend at their cousins' house anyway.
Enter ClearPlay and a Halloween Skipped Flicks challenge. Did I want to give this Goonies thing another shot?
I said, "Hmmm, I dunno."
The kids said, "Come on. You'll like it."
I said, {sigh} "Oh, alright."

Turns out, it was ok. It wasn't particularly what I'd call a warm, fuzzy film, but with the swearing gone, and the mildly shady-to downright nasty comments snipped out, it was a pretty fast pace, entertaining show. I have to say that there was one kid that I couldn't understand--at all, and the creepy monster fellow made me very uncomfortable. There are dead bodies, bullet holes, skeletons, and bad guys roughing kids up. But it was dang fun to see all these actors--Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Corey Feldman when they were just little kids.
Ok, ok...I liked it. Sue me.
Launie--Movie Mom and Samwise Gamgee Fan Club President

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