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Letters To Blog Readers

If I was longing for advice about my relationship, I wouldn't think to turn to ill-fated Juliet for help. In Letters to Juliet enough people do just that, so when writer Sophie goes to the romantic city of Verona with her aloof fiancee (passionate about food, not their relationship) and meets the Secretaries of Juliet she learns that they answer letters on behalf of the doomed Juliet full-time. They carefully and lovingly respond to every single one. Sophie gets the chance to write back to a woman who wrote to Juliet 50 years earlier. This sparks a sweet adventure with aged-with-grace Claire and her good-looking Grand-son Charlie. Charlie is grumpy, skeptical and critical. Claire is sweet and adventurous. Sophie is hopeful and intrigued.

Since this is a chick-flick I'm sure you can quite accurately guess what happens. I don't need to tell you that. I mean, the movie is called Letters to Juliet. If you were expecting something as timeless as Romeo and Juliet itself, this isn't it. It isn't profound or life-altering...but it is pleasant, simple and sweet. I don't mind something predictable every now and then and though I'm not the typical girl who swoons and sighs over ANYthing mushy, this one worked for me. I even loved that they used Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'.

This won't make the cut for the Reel Dads but Movie Mom Danielle' will like it because of her love of letter writing and Movie Moms Launi and Trisha LOVE mush, so they'll be all over it. I give it two thumbs up because it's uplifting and sweet. The rest of you will like it if you decide to. Relax and enjoy it.

Motherly Advice: Rated PG to begin with, ClearPlay only had to clip a few instances of language. There is still some smoking and "revealing clothing" (Italy=sun dresses) but I think you could let your kids 10 and up watch it with you. Don't be haunted by "What if..." and just watch this one.

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom Who Finally Gets Why Everyone Wants To Go To Beautiful Italy

P.S. The Secretaries are REAL! You can actually write them yourself if you feel so inclined. Be sure to tell me how that goes. ;)

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