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I remember it like it was yesterday, Graduation Day. I had it all planned out: I would move into my own place, be hired by the same company that I interned for, find love, get married, have 5 kids, and all in that order. Things didn't work out that way for me, nor do they work out this way for Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) in Post Grad. Ryden experiences the epitome of disappointment as her life "plan" implodes before her eyes. After graduating from college, Ryden can't find a job and is forced to move home with her neurotic family. Between living at home in a "tossed salad" of personalities and being unemployed, Ryden experiences all kinds of emotional turmoil and rejection. She also learns that life can't be something you plan out, but rather something you live out.

Since the movie contained a lot of college references, I'll rate this movie on a grade scale, and give it a B-. A fun thing that you'll find throughout Post Grad is the cameo appearances of quite a few comedic actors (Sue Sylvester, OH, I mean Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson and Carol Burnett to name a few). And of course, Michael Keaton plays Ryden's eccentric father, who was in a word: awkward. In my mind Michael Keaton will always be Batman-the original. And I know he pulled off the hilarious neurotic guy in Multiplicity but it was just uncomfortable watching him in Post Grad. Alexis Bledel was as cute as ever; her Post Gilmore Girls performance will win you over with her big blue eyes and optimistic attitude. I loved the part where she rents an expensive downtown L.A. apartment, BEFORE she gets the job she interviewed for (um, I might have done this or twice). She does a great job playing the role of a naive post grad, lost in the big bad world of "real life".

Motherly Advice: With your filters set on Most you'll be spared several profanities, a pretty racey makeout scene, and one semi-sexual situation. I think Post Grad would be fun for ages thirteen and older and probably caters more towards the female gender.

Trisha-Post Grad, Life Advisor