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From Paris without Love

You know that feeling you get when you are going to your favorite restaurant, all bubbly with anticipation? Well this is a similar feeling that I had when my husband announced that he had rented the movie, From Paris with Love. Now here is the truth. I had never seen a preview or even heard anything about it. But I thought with a title like that, a nice RomCom is what I was about to get. My next thought was what a sweet husband I have, to go and pick out a movie like this instead of an action flic. Well let there be no mistake, this movie is NOT a romantic comedy or anything near it. And my husband did NOT win any brownie points with me for renting this movie after all!

James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is the assistant to the U.S. Ambassador in France, and does small jobs for the CIA on off hours. He dreams of working for the CIA full-time and thinks he has made the “big league” when he gets paired with Charlie Wax (John Travolta) a CIA special agent sent to Paris to uncover a terrorist ring. Wax’s crazy methods are far from what James is used to as he joins Wax on a thrill ride through Paris.

First off, allow me to preface by saying that I’m about to slam this movie so if you really enjoyed it, I apologize and I wish you had better taste. ;o) Ok, it did have John Travolta in it, and despite his choice to act in this movie, I will always love him! But honestly though, From Paris With Love has a major identity crisis problem. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a silly action movie, a drug bust movie, a terrorist attack movie, or a suspense thriller! The acting by both Meyers and Travolta was mediocre at best which is probably because they too were confused about what kind of movie they were acting in. I will say that the movie did have a couple of twists and surprises that were fun. And lots and lots of blowing up things, if that’s your “cup of tea”. However, if you want to see Travolta in a cute RomCom, go rent Grease and leave From Paris with Love at the video store.

Motherly Advice: In my opinion this movie was made for adults, 18 or older! With your filter settings on Most, you’ll still find all kinds of violent content as well as thematic murder scenes, drugs, alcohol, intense action, gang/mob scenes, etc., etc., etc. Literally one scene showed cocaine flowing out of the ceiling!! (Click here for more Movie Filtering info.) As far as language, if you don’t like swearing, expect to miss half of the dialogue, my Clearplay was working overtime to filter this movie! This movie is one to watch once the kiddos have gone to bed.

Trisha Howard ~ Married, Female, still looking for some love from Paris

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