Green Zone

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Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon team up again for an action thriller set during the Iraq War. Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Damon) is frustrated in his fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. When he gets a tip from a local Iraqi, it leads him down a path of conspiracy and danger that will force him to make a choice between his own conscience and the safer road of just doing what he is told.

ClearPlay In Action!

Among other swear words are many 'F' and 'S' words and a few religious exclamations for ClearPlay to deal with. Nothing is lost as a result of their removal. There are some violent spots with some close up assassinations and blood spraying that are also excised. It's not difficult to get the gist of what's going on, however. With filters, this film may be appropriate for teens.

Should I Get In The Zone?…

If you're a fan of the last two Bourne movies with the Damon / Greengrass duo, you will probably enjoy The Green Zone as it brings some of the same goodness as those films: a government conspiracy story and pulse pounding action in the Greengrass style. The Green Zone also acts as a reminder and a political statement about the origins and mishandling of some aspects of the Iraq War. Yes, there is shaky cam and I could predict the ending fairly easily, but if you're in the mood for a solid action flick, take a trip into the The Green Zone.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Movies of Mass Destruction Inspector

Rated R for violence and language.; 115 min; Directed By Paul Greengrass
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