Family Movie Night Activity - Ratatouille

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Anyone Can Cook!

When it comes to cooking I wouldn’t normally turn to an animal for advice, especially a RAT… but that changed when the movie Ratatouille came out! Whether or not you’ve seen this fun and furry flick now is a great time to gather the whole family round for Movie Night!

Every good chef knows that you have to do a little prep-work to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece, some of these activities will take some Pre-Show Planning as well. Remember, the more you do before the show, the easier it will be to enjoy the event with the rest of your family. Add to the anticipation by letting your little ones get things ready for Family Movie Night along with you!

One of the first things that Remy and Linguini cook together is an omelet. When you get to this Must-Pause-Moment, pull out the eggs and any other ingredients you prepped during your Pre-Show Planning and let your family build-their-own-omelet! Have a little bit of everything available to let the “Little Chef” in each of you flourish: cheddar cheese, ham, green pepper, sausage, mushrooms, onions, bacon, tomato, sour cream, cream cheese, and more and more! Let yourselves get creative and different. This is the perfect time to try something new and even a little strange. Having a RAT in the kitchen could make a Cheeto Omelet look nearly boring!

Something that makes Remy the Chef Rat special is his amazing sense of smell! Put your sniffer to the test by playing Name-That-Ingredient. Have some mystery foods and spices ready to smell, but hidden from view. Everyone should close their eyes and take a whiff. Let one person guess at a time or allow each person write down what they think they smelled. Some great ideas of secret ingredients are lemons, vanilla, cinnamon, home-made bread, apples, popcorn, onions, chocolate, oranges, cilantro, bacon, strawberries and garlic. Use your family-favorites for easy to recognize scents and be sure to throw in some silly trick items like ice and crackers.

For the youngsters in your group you can play follow the leader by holding onto each others apron strings. For dessert you could decorate sugar cookies to look like rats. Use candy to put together a cute little face and remember the string licorice for whiskers. You could even pick up some wooden spoons so everyone can have a souvenir from your latest Family Movie Night… because “Anyone Can Cook!”

*LyndiLou* Novice Cook, Expert Eater

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