Picnic Basket Not Required

Is movie night at your house code for: ‘An hour and a half when the kids are contained and I can sweep and mop the kitchen floor and do the dishes without having to break up any fights’? Those movie nights are great for mid-week evening control but when the weekend rolls around, let’s have some fun with movie night!
To get you warmed up to the plan here’s a quick and easy idea for a Family Movie Night Activity.
Picnic and a Movie (on the family room floor since it is April).
We did this last weekend with our family of five (kids ages 6, 4, 1). We picnicked with Ben Stiller, Amy Adams and Robin Williams in Night at the Museum Two: Battle at the Smithsonian.
Equipment Needed:
1. One picnic blanket to protect your carpet.
2. One large pizza and an order of cheesy bread sticks.
3. Drinks on a tray.
4. Lots of napkins.
5. Flashlights or headlamps since all 'museum night guards' need them.
6. Highchair to keep the one year old from diving into the food and drinks.
7. TV, DVD and Clearplay DVD player (because there was in fact some language in this movie that I didn’t want my kids learning).
My husband and I liked the movie more than our kids did but I think that’s simply because they are loyal to all things animated. We were just happy they sat still through most of it and that our 4 year old didn't get scared. Click here for more filter details and movie review.

When you add steps 1-7 together, movie night becomes code for: ‘Whoo! It’s movie night!’ That’s a code even the kids will understand.
Bring some life back into movie night! Try it this weekend and let us know how it turned out.

Danielle’-Local Code Analyzer