My Sister's Keeper

Live and Let Die...

If you've seen the trailers then you know before it's out of the box that "My Sister's Keeper" will likely be a two hankie film. Kate is a teenager slowly dying of cancer but is more immediately threatened with kidney failure. Her sister, Anna who was conceived in order to become Kate's donor host is tired of having her body used for medical procedures against her will--even in the name of "saving her sister." She hires a lawyer and sues her parents for medical emancipation.

I was pleased to find that this movie isn't about a knock-down, drag-out courtroom battle. In fact, the court scenes--with Joan Cusak as the down to earth, very human judge are, for the most part, more personal and engaging than you would expect possible. It was refreshing to see a family in crisis still deeply love and care for each other despite their differing beliefs in respecting the rights of others. The family felt very real to me as they dealt with the day to day tragedy of their sister, daughter and niece's illness. If I were a critically ill child--I would want a family who loved me this ferociously. Fans of the book on which the movie was based may take warning that the two endings are nothing alike.

Motherly Advice:Parents will appreciate the Clear Play as this movie has several scenes with both parents and children swearing--quite severely, as well as some all too real depictions of the sister's sickness, bleeding, vomiting and loss of bowel function that may be far too disturbing for pre-teens. There is also a scene of implied sexual relations between Kate and her boyfriend.

Launi--Movie Mom Grief Counselor