Mother's Day Giveaway!

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Do you love your mom? Yes! The answer is always yes! At least, as a mom myself I'm telling you the answer had better be yes or you're in trouble. Mother's Day is in a week and if you haven't already gotten your mom/wife a present yet (honey, that means you) you'd better get rollin'.

I recently learned that people will spend over $900 million on consumer electronics for moms this year. I must say, as an editor of the ClearPlay blog I have to wonder, 'How many of those electronics will possibly be a ClearPlay DVD player?' Many, I hope. But this pondering only addresses my love for ClearPlay. On Mother's Day when there are cards being bought and love notes being written, the writer in me is more interested in what the words on the cards will read.

Today we got many gleaming, shining promises of future comments to be left on this here blog so I've got a little something to test your commenting resolves with. If you got your mom a ClearPlay DVD player for Mother's Day, what would the words on the card say? Leave us a comment here with your note. I'll even get you started, it could begin like this:

Dear Mom,
Clearly, you've Played a big role in my life so I'm giving you this ClearPlay because...

you fill in the rest.

The best entry for this will receive the said ClearPlay DVD Player and a dozen roses for mom. This contest will end on Tuesday, May 4th at midnight. Feel the love people, and show the love for mom!

Danielle'-Movie MOM
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