Family Movie Night Activity

The Weekend’s Looking Up

This week’s Family Movie Night Activity is sure to lift your spirits, and your kids’. We watched the movie Up, (skipping over the scary dog scenes because my four year old doesn’t like those parts.)
Here’s what you’ll need:

-Helium balloons-as many as you can afford and/or want in your house
-Little pieces of paper with fun memories you have with your kids written on them
-Hot dogs
-Chocolate Bars-for the kids of course
The idea:
Attach the little pieces of paper with the fun memories written on then, to the ends of the balloon strings. If you have low hanging ceilings just let the balloons float. If you’re ceilings are high or vaulted, anchor the balloons down to things, like the coffee table legs, or couch legs, coasters, tables, children’s wrists, or other heavy objects. This way the balloons are really in the mix and the kids can pretend their floating along with Mr. Fredrickson and Charles.
Hot dogs for dinner because that’s what Charles eats in The Spirit of Adventure and chocolate to feed to any strange jungle animals that might come along, like mom or dad. Also, the kids will love reading (or having read to them) the fun little memories you have written on the pieces of paper. Kids love to hear stories about themselves when they were babies and things that they remember also. This can help them know that you have learned, along with Mr. Fredrickson, to enjoy the journey and that they have been your most enjoyable part.
If you hate helium balloons and don’t want them in your house for the rest of the weekend, buy some earplugs for yourself and let the kids pop them all before they go to bed. Be sure to gather all the balloon pieces though, nobody likes choking.
Danielle’- Movie Mom and Captain of My Own Spirit of Adventure