Do You Follow?

Who says being the leader is the best position to be in? Not I. I'm a follower and proud of it! There is nothing shameful or low about following, so long as you choose carefully who you follow. Some of the greatest movie characters around chose worthy figures to follow. Dori followed Marlin, Azeem followed Robin Hood, D'Leh from 10,000 B.C. followed Evolet, Sherlock Holmes follows clues, Jo and Bill Harding followed tornados in Twister, Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli followed hobbits and of course Lancelot will always follow Guinevere no matter what movie their in.

It's all about choosing who or what you follow. Here on Clearplay's blog we try to bring you movie ideas, reviews, activites and boredom busters just because we love movies. Clearplay cleans up the acts of some movies so that more of us can enjoy them comfortably with our kids and loved ones, "Now that's an act to follow." (Charlotte's Web) So, why not follow us?

Become a follower of this blog (located on the right sidebar) to get entered to win a twenty dollar gift card to the movie theater of your choice. Already a follower? Good on ya! Wanna get entered more than once? Great! Everyone can get an additional entry by writing to at least three friends about Clearplay's blog (email, texting, twittering, stone tablet, courier pidgeon, they all count!) Just leave an additional comment that you did this and we will count it as another entry. We trust you!

And let's remember folks, only true followers get to speak dramatic, death-bed lines like: "I would have followed you, my king." (The Fellowship of the Ring) Keep that in mind the next time you get the opportunity to be line leader.

This giveaway will stop leading the way on Tuesday, April 20th at midnight. Our winning follower will be annoucned on Wednesday, April 21st.

Danielle'-Follower Among Followers