A solar flare sparks a neutrino surge which sparks a heating of the earth’s core which sparks big, bad, super deadly global DISASTER! Run with Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) and Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) as they analyze, drive, yell, fly, climb, wheedle, jump, swim and by all means necessary avoid death for themselves and their loved ones as the earth destroys itself in spectacular fashion.

ClearPlay In Action!

As one can imagine, watching continents slide into the ocean prompts some unfortunate language on the part of those sliding in and those watching others slide in. ClearPlay excises an F word, a few S words, and lots of other profanities and religious exclamations. A couple of scenes dealing with sexual dialogue and disturbing deaths are also cut. Very watchable with ClearPlay.

It’s the End of the World! Will You Feel Fine?…

Thanks to computer technology, disaster movies have moved well beyond Styrofoam boulders and fake miniatures. 2012 is visually amazing. It is also unrelentingly preposterous, as is the tradition for disaster movies, but at levels of preposterousness heretofore unseen. Turn off most of your higher (and some of your lower) brain functions and you might enjoy the apocalypse. If you can accept that a person standing on the edge of the Yellowstone Caldera when it blows up would have time to drive to a nearby airport and escape, you’ll be fine.

Brian Fuller—ClearPlay Doomsayer

Rated PG-13 for intense disaster sequences and some language.; 158 min; Directed By Roland Emmerich