Michael Jackson's This Is It

Even after all the drama surrounding Michael Jackson’s life, I was still excited to see the last bits and pieces of his performance footage. I was young when I first heard his songs, but I still remember singing along with him on the radio and watching his music videos. I was in awe of his energy and dancing skills. Though he stirred up all kinds of controversy throughout his life, most consider Jackson’s life to be over much too soon. When it comes to the documentary This Is It, not everyone will feel that same way.
If you’re watching this purely to enjoy his music, you’re better off just pulling up a couple classic videos on YouTube. If you’re the type that loves the bonus features on DVDs, then this is your type of movie. I think singers, dancers and musicians alike will enjoy This Is It because of the skill that Jackson couldn’t possibly hide, even when running through a rehearsal.

Parental Guideline: If you’re looking for something for the whole family to enjoy, you’ll want to choose something else since it won’t entertain your really little ones. At least you can thank ClearPlay for taking out the classic (albeit tacky) Jackson grabbing move and other suggestive choreography.

So while I did my best to honor the Great Michael Jackson while I watched this movie (I wore one glove the whole time it was on) it seems that unless you were already a fan, this might be too much MJ. It was great to see him more humble, gracious and down-to-earth than ever before. This DVD offers a unique glimpse into the rehearsals and preparations for Jackson’s tour that never happened. Because of this, much of the intensity and energy that Michael Jackson is best known for is missing. To his credit, he obviously didn’t know he was saving his voice and strength for something that was never going to happen, so of course it leaves us longing for more. But isn’t that the mark of someone truly great… you just can’t quite get enough.

*LyndiLou* - Movie Mom